S is for Samosa : Indian Influences on the Island of Zanzibar

The birthplace of Freddie Mercury has a rich and interesting heritage — as did the charismatic rock star.

Zanzibar’s harbor. Photo by author.
Zanzibar door and tusks, taken between 1915 and 1927. Carpenter collection, Library of Congress.
Zanzibar’s harbor. Photo by author.
Zanzibar. The Portuguese fort, 1936. Matson collection, Library of Congress
Motor road bordered by clove trees and stately palms. Throne room of Sultan’s palace. Sunset scene framed by a palace window of Moorish character. Library of Congress.
Image of Mercury from Wikipedia. Google Map of India with author’s illustration.
House of Wonders. Photo by author.
Bahari cafe and another fierce little cat. Photos by author.
Views from a table at the Bahari cafe, and a lovely coffee served there.
Photos by David G. Young.

Journalist fascinated by art, food, architecture, justice, politics, history and business. Has visited museums on six continents, eaten in more than 60 nations.

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